Intensive Training Programs

The Minister was proud of the fact that Saint Lucia, after three years as a member of IOM, had been able to develop a Standard Operating Procedure to guide stakeholders with a role in the identification, protection and referral of any potential and/or confirmed victim of trafficking..

Workshops and Seminars

The events were part of an ongoing project supported by IOM, the UN Migration Agency through its Development Fund (IDF), and correspond to the counter-trafficking efforts of the Ministry of Home Affairs and National Security of Saint Lucia.

The project supports a series of training workshops with crucial front-line officials on identification, referral, and protection of victims of trafficking. It also aims to deliver an operational database to manage and process trafficking cases, and a full-scale national campaign to raise awareness about trafficking in persons.

What We Do

The Government of St. Lucia, through the Ministry of Home Affairs has increased efforts to identify victims; investigate, prosecute, convict, and punish perpetrators of forced labor and sex trafficking.


By Ms Claudia Monlouis

Special thank you to everyone for their involvement and their willingness to take on the completion of tasks beyond their comfort zones!

The Department of Home Affairs and National Security and along with the National Task Force for the Prevention of Trafficking In Persons and the International Organization for Migration would like to etch on your minds our eternal thanks and gratitude for your hard work,  support, attendance, help and networking to all our supporters and stakeholders. Perhaps you attended intensive training workshops or met our demands for your precious time.  For this, we appreciated you.

Mrs. Elizabeth Bailey

Permanent Secretary
Ministry of Home Affairs, Justice and National Security

Ms. Claudia Monlouis

Communications Officer
Trafficking in Persons

The Driving Force Behind our Success.

We are particularly grateful to the persons who consented to deliver remarks at the official launch of the campaign in January 2019. Merci Beaucoup.  A lot of teamwork goes into making media campaigns a success. You need the talent; you need the printers for fliers and posters, you need a full-on production team. You need the model the face of the campaign, you may need the GIS/NTN as we did and so we are here to say that your contribution is recognized and appreciated.

We are appreciative of the IT expert attached to the project Mr. Rene Louis- Fernand for the development of our fabulous website. Mr. Louis – Fernand has surpassed his terms of reference to ensure that the nation in general and front –end anti-trafficking personnel can obtain maximum benefits from this platform.

Much work and partnerships continue with the lead Department, the Police and the International Organization for Migration. The media has been very supportive. We cannot get the message out there to the public without you onboard so it goes without saying that your role is truly instrumental and of high value to us. Bravo to you and keep up the good work.


Building an Effective Campaign

Mr. Dale Elliott IOM ‘s locally based consultant to the project we believe we must single you out for his huge contribution in this journey along with his hard-working team of the Independent Film Company. In the thick of the momentum of production when things were very antsy as most creative processes tend to be, Mr. Elliott suffered a serious injury, yet never stopped working, never ceased to attend meetings or eluded burning the candle at both ends. If this is not grit and guts worthy of respect, then we don’t know what is. Hats off to Mr. Elliott and company’s crème de la crème quality of delivery on the counter-trafficking project.

Mr. Dale Elliott

The Independent Film Company (IFC)
Untold Stories St.Lucia
Founder & CEO

Mr. Agosta Degazon

Former Permanent Secretary
Ministry of Home Affairs, Justice and National Security

Mr. Agosta Degazon, Former Chairperson of the Task Force on the Prevention of Trafficking In Persons.

Mr. Agosta Degazon is a trailblazing groundbreaking member of the first Task Force on the Prevention of Tracking in Persons.  He served as the   Chairperson of the Task Force until his tenure as Permanent Secretary at the Department of Home Affairs and National Security came to an end in May 2018. Mr. Degazon was part of the dynamic team that navigated Saint Lucia through the choppy waters of the “Lambird’s Academy Investigation” in 2015. 

Another major accomplishment under his watch was the establishment of the Task Force in 2015 and the engagement of the International Organization for Migration (IOM) for Saint Lucia’s official membership in 2015. Saint Lucia has richly benefitted from the service of its first Chairperson Mr.  Agosta Degazon.

Well done Mr. Degazon.

Thank You!

Thank you to our corporate support system including Cable and Wireless and Digicel for making the hotline a reality.

We encourage the public to take heed of our messages on this very prevalent crime and please report to authorities any suspicions you may have by calling the hotline number 847.

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